Thistle Meats Butcher’s Box Program

Butcher's Box is a regularly occurring offer but requires no commitment or up front subscription (working on that though!). It's a way for people to purchase local, healthy meat which supports small farms and business. The Butcher's Box is simple with four options and numerous add-ons. We believe that good food, especially quality meat, should be accessible and delicious.

We have created four box options that support the whole animal butcher model as well give you a great variety of meat.
Scroll below and review the information on this page for a more in-depth description of what options you have available. Please note the following criteria:

  • Pick up days for boxes are Wednesday thru Saturday. You can simply pull into the back of the building, give us a call and we will run it out to you.
  • You can order as far in advance as you like, but there is a minimum of 24 hours required before picking up your order.
    For example, if you order Tuesday, the earliest pickup option will be Wednesday, etc.
  • Each Butcher's Box can not be amended, but we are happy to add on. For custom orders, please call the shop to place your order,
    707-772-5442. we are always happy to accommodate.
  • With each box, butcher will include a "wild card" gift which will NOT be included in the total value.
Butchers Box #2


3 lb Grass-Fed Ground Beef, packaged in 1 lb packs. 

2 lb House Made Pork Sausage, packaged in 1 lb packs.

2 lb Beef Braising Cut

4 Pork Chops, 2 per pack. 

1 Pastured Chicken, 3-4lbs

1 qt. Bone Broth


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Butcher Box #1

5 lb Grass-Fed Ground Beef, packaged in 1 lb packs

2 Pastured Chicken, 4-5 lb each

2 qt. Bone Broth


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