Pastured, Grass-fed Beef

 featuring steaks, bone-in and boneless roasts, braising cuts, stew meat and ground beef prepared daily.

Pastured Pork

featuring chops, shoulder, tenderloin, bone-in roasts and belly.

Pastured Lamb

featuring racks, loin chops, shanks, boneless and bone-in leg roasts and ground lamb.

Fresh Rabbit

sold whole or broken down into parts

Fresh Duck

sold whole or broken down into parts

Fresh Sausages

all mixed in small batches and stuffed in-house.

House-made Charcuterie

including Pâté, Terrine, Rillette, Liver Mousse, Roast Beef,  Smoked Ham, Bacon and much more.

House made Dry-Cured Muscles and Salami

handmade in house using local pork and traditional methods. Selection includes cacciatore, Milano, Felino, Coppa, Lonza, Pancetta and more


Beef, Pork, Poultry Bone stock.


Proud to offer hand-crafted and locally sourced

cheeses from Andante Dairy, from Goat's milk, from Cow's Milk, and seasonally from Sheep's milk. 

bread from Revolution Breadusing old world fermentation techniques combined with modern knowledge and the cleanest, most sustainable, and locally sourced (when available) ingredients. 

yogurt from St. BeniotOrganic cream-top French-style artisan yogurt crafted in small batches.

Bio-Dynamic Vegetables from Green String Farma sustainable farm in Petaluma, CA with a focus on aiding, rather than fighting, natural processes to grow healthy and happy fruits and vegetables

Farm Fresh Eggs from Green Star Farms, Washoe Valley Farms, Farmer Joy's Eggs and Little Wings Farms. We offer Chicken, Duck and Quail Eggs.

kombucha from House Kombuchablending only the finest artisanal teas, flowers, and herbs to create a refreshing health tonic.

apple and pear juices from Nana Mae's Organicsheirloom varietals grown here in Sonoma County make delicious products sure to delight the senses.


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